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Microsoft Demonstrates WebMAP2 at //BUILD 2014

Many developers and their users are shackled to obsolete PC platforms by aging VB and C# .NET apps, blocked from the promise of cloud and mobile. Microsoft knows this all too well, which is why they chose to feature WebMAP2 in their BUILD 2014 developer tools keynote as the solution to that problem. Now you can modernize legacy apps to a modern web app architecture, without runtimes. Re-use valuable IP from proven application assets as part of a complete mobile, cloud, and SOA strategy for the future.

Your App. New. Again.

  • As if you re-architected it from scratch: WebMAP2 uses AI-based pattern matching to analyze your source and slice business logic apart from UI code, generating a modern multi-tier web app architecture.  
  • Universal access, no deployment cost: . UI code is transformed to HTML5 with JavaScript so it runs on all the most popular devices, with deployment as simple as clicking a link. 
  • SOA API ready: WebMAP2 converts business logic to C# on ASP.NET then prepares it to be multi-user, multi-tenant, and cloud-ready. At that point you can choose to expose XML-based web service APIs, callable via standard web protocols, to automate biz processes within or beyond your enterprise.
  • Future proof: UI and business logic are kept in sync via MVVM, a flexible abstraction layer that supports arbitrary new UX scenarios now and in the future.
  • Clean.  Non-toxic: Eliminating dependencies on obsolete languages, proprietary runtimes, and nonstandard protocols, your app is architecturally clean – as if you rewrote it from scratch.
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Fast. Efficient. No Compromises.

WebMAP2 slashes developer-years off the task of mobilizing your VB6 or C#/Winforms apps to run on mobile devices connected to the cloud.
  • Intuitive GUI: WebMAP2 features an easy to use GUI that provides direct synchronized side-by-side comparison of source code and app structure before and after the transformation.
  • More mappings, better coverage: WebMAP2 completes the "double jump” for VB6 apps, that starts with a VBUC conversion from Visual Basic 6.0 to C#. WebMAP2 provides the 2nd leap from C# / Winforms to a modern web application architecture targeting mobile devices connected to cloud-based services.
  • Fast: Automated tools are fast. Manual rewrites, not so much. Automating 80% - 90% or more of the work of modernizing your app saves time and money.
  • EfficientIf the app works, migrate it!  Spend your time developing new features, not re-coding and re-debugging existing ones.
  • Low RiskWebMAP2 conversions minimize regression bugs and “feature creep”, two primary causes of project failure in manual rewrites of proven, working code.
  • Readable, Maintainable CodeWebMAP2 transforms code while preserving comments and mnemonic variable names, adding straightforward comments when appropriate to improve readability.
  • Industry StandardWebMAP2 uses only native platform API and industry standard protocols, with no proprietary 3rd party runtime libraries. With runtimes, you risk just swapping one legacy problem for another.
  • Credible: WebMAP2 is developed by the same team Microsoft engaged to create the VBUW for VS.Net. 21 years successful. Part-owned by Microsoft.

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